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Train Your Dog Without Touching Him


Who Else Wants To End The Stress And Annoyance Of Your Dog's Behavior Problems Without Ever Having To Touch Your Dog.

Here Is A Summary Of Everything We Can Change In You And Your Dog's Life

* 3 Easy Cures For Potty Training Your Dog Fast (CD 2 10:53)

* The Little Known Secrets Of How To Use Dog Crates To Keep Your Pooch From Peeing All Over Your House (CD 2 11:12)

* How Using A Glass Door Or Window Can Diffuse Your Dog's Dangerous Aggression Towards People (CD 228:24)

* The Jealously-Guarded Secret How Professionals Can Keep A Dog's Attention During Training - Even If You Think Your Dog Has ADD (CD 1 13:43)

* The No-Lose Way To Calm Down Over Hyperactive Dogs

* What To Never Do When You Call Your Dog, Do This And He'll Never Come To You Again - And No It's Not Hitting Him (CD 2 1:13)

* Why Doing "XXXX" With Your Dog's Toys Will Cure His Fear Of Anything, Including People, Vacuums, Or Anything He's Scared Of (CD 2 8:51)

* How To Get Any Puppy To Stop Chewing You In 24 Hours Or Less (CD 2 25:57)

* Discover A Gentle Method Used On Your Dog's Paws That Will Make Your Dog Never Jump Up On You Or Anyone Else Within 2 Days (CD 2 27:36)

* Why You Should Teach Your Dog To Urinating On Cue... And How This Will Housebreak Your Dog (CD 2 33:01)

* Why Your Dog Will Stop Pulling On His Leash After Using This Secret For Only 3 1/2 Minutes (CD 51:07)

What To Do When Your Dog Messes Up - Knowing This Little Method Speeds Up Training by 33% (CD 2 45:15)

5 Simple Techniques For Housebreaking Puppies (CD 2 6:22)

* How You Can Get A Dog That's Never Come When Called In His Life, To Come With Just A Whisper Of His Name - All While Never Getting Out Of Your Easy Chair (CD 2 2:30)

* Failsafe Way To Keep Your Dog From Barking For Your Attention (CD 2 10:36)

* How To Train Your Dog To Ring A Bell To Alert You Of Strangers- Instead Of Barking Obsessively (CD 2 22:17)

* The Exact Number Of Times A Day You Should Train Your Dog For The Fastest Results (CD 1 17:27)

* And YES You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

* By utilizing our unique training methods, you will be able to train almost any age of dog!

>>> This is The Most Complete Dog Training System You'll Find -- Anywhere

Train Your Dog Without Touching Him      Train Your Dog Without Touching Him

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