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Fun With Figures - Math Short Cuts


Brilliant Mental Math Short Cuts that will amaze everyone.

To anyone who's ever wanted the answer to the question...

"If You're So Smart... Why Can't You Do Math In Your Head?"

Discover the amazing techniques from Ancient India that will have you figuring in your head, faster than most adults can with a calculator...

The reason you’re struggling with mental math is simple - you were given the wrong tools for the job.

You see, over 3000 years ago in Ancient India, the Vedics devised a system of mental math based around the way the mind naturally works.

Their system was completely different and far superior to the methods we use today here in the West.

Amazingly, this super-simple system was actually rediscovered in the 20th century, yet - incredibly - most people have never even heard of it.

Here Are Just Some Of The Amazing Feats You'll Learn How To Do:

* How to multiply any 2-digit numbers together in your head within seconds! Like 26 x 38.… does that look hard? It’s simple when you know this ingenious method of multiplication.

* The magic phrase you can use to instantly check your change. You'll kick yourself when you find out how easy this is -- and you'll never get short-changed ever again!

* How to calculate naturally - from left to right! Our dinosaur methods of math force us into the unnatural right-to-left techniques that are like trying to walk up the street backwards! Left-to-right makes math as easy as reading a book.

* How to double-check your bills by using a single number. Save yourself loads of time with this simple secret known only to mathematicians and magicians… until now!

* The easiest method ever for dealing with fractions! Using this simple technique, you can add and subtract fractions in a single step. You've never seen anything like this before.

* A brand new approach to multiplication. Ever had trouble with those multiplication tables? Using this little-known method, you can know the entire range of tables without having to remember anything higher than 5 x 5!

* The simplest, most obvious, common sense method of subtracting - without having to remember the dreaded “carry digit" – another outdated and unnecessary mental torture!

* 11 little words to instantly overcome the most-feared mental math sum of them all: long division. Using this ingenious mental device, you'll be able to perform long division within a few seconds and amaze your friends and yourself! “369 divided by 72?” Easy!

> Fun With Figures! Brilliant Mental Math Short Cuts that will amaze everyone!

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Fun With Figures - Math Short Cuts      Fun With Figures - Math Short Cuts

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